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Books about the South Eastern & Chatham Railway

There have been many books published that would be useful to those interested in the history of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway, the South Eastern Railway and the London, Chatham and Dover Railway or those the are looking for references or information for models.

The Society has compiled a bibliography that covers rail transport in the area served by the SECR.

It is not claimed that this list is complete but it is certainly a good starting point!

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A Smaller Selection

History of the Southern Railway

C.F. Dendy Marshall - Revised by R.W. Kidner


A huge overview of the history of the Southern Railway containing chapters on SER. LCDR & SECR up to grouping.

ISBN 0-7110-0059-x

Published by Ian Allen

The South Eastern Chatham Railway

R.E. Kidner

A history of the of the SECR with detailed chapters on the constituent railways of SER & LCDR.

ISBN 0-8536-1232-3

Published by The Oakwood Press

The Locomotive History of the

South Eastern & Chatham Railway

D.L. Bradley

SECR Locomotives in detail with history of each class. Locomotive numbers including built & withdrawal dates.

ISBN 0-8536-1232-3

Published by The RC&TS

Southern County Stations: 2

South Eastern & Chatham Railway

John Minnis

A selected history of SER, LCDR & SECR country Station infrastructure with a wealth of  photographs & scale drawings.

ISBN 0-7110-1500-7

Published by Ian Allen

Bogie Carriages of the

South Eastern & Chatham Railway

David Gould

Covering the stock from the formation of the SECR until the last coaches went out of service in 1962.  With 103 photographs.

ISBN 978-0-85361-455-5

Published by The Oakwood Press

Great Railway Eras

SECR Centenary Album

Compiled by SECR Society

A comprehensive collection of photographs assembled in one volume with related information and illustrations.

ISBN 1-9017-0611-7

Published by Middleton Press

An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons

Volume Three: SECR

G. Bixley, A. Blackburn, R. Chorley, M. King

The definitive and comprehensive guide to the wagons of the SER, LCDR & SECR. With photographs and drawings.

ISBN 978-0-86093-493-6

Published by OPC

Everyone will have books that are their own personal favourites that they return back to for resource or inspiration. The books below are a small selection that someone wanting to learn more about the SECR might start with. Unfortunately not all are still in print but most can be picked up online or in good secondhand book shops.

Noted Railway historian and author Adrian Gray has written three books detailing the history of the South Easter & Chatham Railway and it two constituent railways.

Regarded by many as the most comprehensive works ever published on the subjects they are ideal for all levels of knowledge and a reference that can be returned to time after time


In depth Histories

The London Chatham & Dover Railway

Meresborough Books 1984 ISBN - 9780905270883

South Eastern


Middleton Press 1990

ISBN - 978-0906520857

South Eastern and Chatham Railways

– A marriage of convenience

Middleton Press 1998

ISBN - 9781901706086

SECR Bibliography PDF 2016-02.1.pdf