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Invicta - The Society Journal

The Society’s Journal has been published to its members now for 41 years. Over those 86 editions  it has contained much information about the South Eastern & Chatham Railway and its constituent companies the London, Chatham & Dover Railway and the South Eastern Railway.

Like most Society Journals, newsletters or magazines its contents is primarily made up of member submitted articles and material which is pulled together by the Society’s volunteer editor. Our current editor is Geoff Lines who as of 2016 returns to the role, having previously held it from 1983 to 1990.

Members submit articles to Invicta to share research, photographs, knowledge and experiences and to further these by provoking a discussion or asking for others members for further insight.

Invicta 68 published in Autumn 2007 was the first of the new look Journal. The change was in no small part part due to the efforts  and vision of then editor Dan Garrett and is printed in Kent by Silver Pines Services, Sevenoaks.

The late Malcolm Parker was Invicta’s longest serving editor and it is thanks to his skills and knowledge as editor and author that the Society has such a rich archive of material from Invicta.

A full index to Invicta can be viewed HERE and lists all articles that have been published to members in Invicta since inception. Members are able to purchase back issues of Invicta which are still in stock or have selected articles of interest printed and posted to them for a small cost.

Invicta No. 68

Invicta No. 69

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 If you would like to receive Invicta as published and have the opportunity to purchase back issues please click HERE to find out more about joining the Society.

 If you would like to enquire about obtaining information or articles from Invicta please use the Contact Us page to send you request.  Stating the title of the article and the Invicta issue number that it appears. We will then confirm the information  and advise you of the fee applicable. Please be aware that all information shared from Invicta can only be used for private research and no part can be republished in print or electronically without obtaining prior permission from the Copyright holder.

Invicta No. 89

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