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Pictures Galleries

There are currently 7 albums on this page each. Some of the images are from Society’s collection and some are from individual members collections.

This page will be updated with new albums as they become available.

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This Gallery shows a selection of artefacts that have been preserved from the days of the SECR. Some of the items displayed here are available to view in the museums stated, whilst others are in private collections.  

This album contains Colour Postcards of Stations, Locomotive and Rolling Stock found across the SECR. Most would have originated as black & white photographs and been coloured by an artist to match original image.

The South Eastern & Chatham Railway in Colour Postcards

Many of the images in this album first appeared in G A Sekon’s History of LCDR published in fourteen parts in the Railway & Travel Monthly staring in 1919. Sekon used images contemporary to the time of publication to illustrate his work. By way of a series of fortunate coincidences the plate glass negatives were rescued and are now held by the Society. Prints from these are often exhibited at Society meetings.

The London, Chatham & Dover Railway

This Gallery showcases the images of FA Roberts a accomplished amateur photographer who lived in a large house called ‘Rosenberg’ in Beckenham, Kent, and may have worked for the government. In 1998 The Roberts Collection was acquired by the Society as over a dozen boxes of plate glass negatives. Several photographs have been published in Railway Archive by Lightmoor Press and the SECR Centenary Album.

The South Eastern Railway

The Southern Railway Year album contains 20 images taken by top amateur photographer SAW Harvey between 1929 and 1939.

The Southern Railway Years

This album includes images captured of former SECR locomotives and infrastructure by retired Railwaymen and Society member Terry Tracey, all taken in the 1960’s. Terry has a keen interest in Signalling and Signal Boxes and is very knowledgeable on the subject. Terry is also modeller in 3 mm scale and has a layout based on the Allhallows branch.

1960’s British Railways

South Eastern & Chatham Railway enthusiasts are fortunate that there a good number of SECR Locomotives and Rolling Stock in preservation. The Bluebell Railway in Sussex is home to many of these items and is where the bulk of the photographs in this album were taken. There is also a healthy supply of stock waiting for it time to be restored to former glory.

SECR In Preservation